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I just got the last episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho...*cries* NO MORE YYH!!!!! NONE!! No more running to Media Play knowing that theres a new DVD out T_T
Just so ya guys know..Plenty of places round the site i kinda topic so to call it. it happens alot normally..and yes, i am obsessed with Yu Yu Hakusho. I am not ashamed to admit it ^__^
And I WILL be updating alot, now that it is summer. So look forward to it..I guess..

Okay, I'm finally getting the hang of HTML. So enjoy your stay...Unless you think it sucks...



Hey everybody! Thanks for coming to my Yu Yu Hakusho site ^^.
Anyways, it is going to have reviews, bios, lyrics, etc. I'm starting all over, well mostly all over, everything needs to be updated now, especially the Character of the Day.
The song in the background is called Wild Wind(what the site is named after) its sung by Ogata Megumi and Hiyama Nobuyuki
(as Kurama and Hiei)
If you have any comments, concerns, etc, just email me so I can get them