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Episode Guide

Spirit Detective Saga

Yusuke Lost, Yusuke Found

Artifacts of Darkness

A New Apprentice

The Gate of Betrayal

The Beasts of Maze Castle

Seven Ways to Die

Rescue Yukina

Dark Tournament Saga

The Dark Tournment Begins


The Evil Dr. Ichigaki


The Rising Storm

Genkai's Test

No Return

Settle the Score

Yoko Kurama

Sword and Dragon

Deadly Toguro

Tournament's End

Chapter Black

Terrible Truths

The Seven

Dark Indulgence

Dangerous Games

Old Rivals, New Problems

In the Blood

Born Anew

Three Kings

Tempting Fate

Three Kingdoms

Bandits and Kings

King Urameshi

Dreams of Power

Yusuke Rediscovered

any episodes that i didnt list? email em to me if ya want to.