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English Name: James(Kojirou)
Age: 17 or 18
Hair Color: Blue
Eye Color: Green

James is normally the smart one who thinks everything through. He sometimes says no to taking Pikachu because he knows they'll just blast off. He also has a wife-to-be named Jessebell who is a total b**ch and looks an awful lot like Jessie. He also collects bottle caps, but he has lost tons of them over the years thanks to plans to capture Pikachu. but he keeps the ones he hasn't lost in an album. and unlike Jessies, his family is rich. (poor jessie, she didn't get to eat ice cream sandwiches all day and wear Mareep wool)
He had a Koffing that evolved into a Weezing.
He spent all his money on a Magicarp and lost that when it evolved.
Then I think he caught a Weepinbell which he evolved when left at Cassidy/Butch's breeding center and always tries to eat James. And later it leaves because he traded it for another Weepinbell when he sees that same man that sold him Magicarp. The man sees Victribell eats everything, and kicks it away once he gets it. Then James' new Weepinbell evolves, then eats Jessie instead. James then remembers the good times he had with Victribell, and sets this new one free, and goes to look for his old one. The 2 victribell meet and fall in love or something and leave everyone.
He also has a Growlithe (Growly) that stays back at his house.
Then Weezing leaves with Arbok to take care of a bunch of Koffing, and that was sad as well.
then he captures Cacnnea, which attacks him just like Victribell used to..without the eating.

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