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English Name: Jessie(Musashi)
17 or 18
Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Jessie is the one who makes most plans, escapes. etc. And shes usually the one who is most determined to capture Pikachu.
At first, she had an Ekans, then that evolved to Arbok.
Then, she captured Lickitung after if ate the presents she bought for the boss.
She had captured Shellder, but it was used to evolve a Slowpoke.
After all that, she traded Lickitung for Wobbufett.
Then Arbok left to take care of a bunch of Ekans...It was quite sad.
So she was left with just Wobbufett.
Soon, she captures a Seviper, which bit most of her hair off. (the hair grew back in a couple seconds...)
Then she caught Wurmple which she really wanted to evolve into a Beautifly, but it evolved into a Cascoon instead of a Silcoon. Everyone kept telling her that it was a Cascoon, but she didn't believe them. Then when it evolved into Dustox, at first it seemed like she would kill everyone in sight, but she quickly came to love it even more than a Beautifly.
Her enemies include: Cassidy and Butch (mainly Cassidy), the Twerps (ash, misty, brock, may, max, etc), Officer Jenny, Team Magma and Aqua, etc

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