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Yusuke Quotes


Heres my favorite Yusuke Quote of all!!!!
"Yusuke Urameshi. Age 14. Survived by his mom and everybody. After going through a big ordeal to get his life back, He had a brief second chance...UNTIL HE WAS EATEN BY A FISH!!!! Thats right. No heroic death, no fighting evil villains. Fish food!"

Spirit Detective Saga:
  • "Yes mother. I'm alive, just like yesterday."
  • "I always said those teachers were out to get me. I'm surprised they didn't run me over themselves."
  • "Monster meet Spirit Gun!"
  • "that's a fancy title"
  • "Well in that case I'm screwed. there isnt anybody like that"
  • "Can't you see I'm busy with this asshole here?"
  • "Get out here Hiei, I'm gonna kick your ass!"
  • "I've got enough spirit energy to deep-fry a smart ass bird."
  • "Hell of an actor. You know, not everyone can pretend to laugh at their dying friends."
  • "What's with all this spirit awareness crap?"


Dark Tournament Saga:

  • "Alright grandma, why don't you show this young whippersnapper how it was done in the olden days."
  • "I already said I’ll never forgive you,now I won't be able to forgive myself, so lets just do this."
  • "Keiko when did you fill in all the right places?"
  • "You took my teacher and now i let you take my friend, what the hell do you want from me?"
  • "Shut up Toguro, I’m not like you, I won’t just throw people away."
  • "Since I started this tournament I learned the value of what you gave away, and I won’t let it go, even if I have to give up my life."
  • "Genkai! Come here you beautiful hag!"
  • "And that's how we win this, yeah!"
  • Hello..Guess thats why theyre called Spirit Warriors
  • Yo! You with the big fish ears. i got a bone to pick with you
  • tell me how does the dead guy win?!
  • Id like you to remover your head from your ass! but i dont see that happening anytime soon!!
  • ill put these grimey fingers through your face if you dont tell me how the hell the breathing guy loses!
  • Oh..why didnt you just say so
  • Kurama! Do you know what shes talkin about?
  • Dont you think i just wanted to win this thing and go home?
  • Idiot! im not done!
  • Im sorry Kuwabara! i had all the power to save you..i was just to dumb to know how to reach it.
  • Shut up. hes already dead! i cant do anthing for him now! Im sorry kuwabara..
  • Hey! why's the dead guy walkin around?!
  • The heart..the finger poking
  • and you guys let me cry like a baby?
  • making me say all of that stupid crap! your supposed to be my best friend!
  • Whats the matter kuwabara? dont you like croissants? stupid name, but they taste good
  • was she hot?
  • oh, a nightmare. it must suck to get beat up in your dreams as well!

Chapter Black Saga:

  • "I mean, after I beat Toguro, well he was the strongest demon there was right? Now that he's finished, well what could challenge me?"
  • "That's how you treat a guy wins the whole dark tournament!? Thanks for saving my life and all pal, but my sandwhich is just to damn good!"
  • "But more importantly we've answered the question, boxers or briefs."
  • "I love life. The only girl who knows anything about me uses it as a weapon. I'm so happy to be back home!"
  • "How is that supposed to help my look!?"
  • "Score one for old number 2. so the guy got his head cracked open with a pencil top?"
  • "Earth to toddler bitch!! You better speak now before I  put that pacifer ten inches down your throat."
  • "What ever happened to just regular old bullets?"
  • "They'd probably think I was a cult member with all these freakish tattoos"
  • "Thanks Hiei, I was needing that kick in the ass"
  • "I beat Toguro and after that I assumed everything else would just be a  piece of cake. And then some rogue Spirit Detective has to go and open up the freakin' gates of Hell!"
  • "That left me botan, and if you dirt-bags were low enough to take advantage of the only non-fighter, it wouldn't matter if I lost. Even if you killed me, I would come back from the dead and drop kick your ass"
  • Tell her congratulations for me! hey, am i invited to the wedding?